5 Spring Break Movies: They’re So Bad That They’re Good!

The following Spring Break themed movies are sure to make you either laugh, groan, or beg for Spring Break to come that much faster!


Like all made for TV movies, the movie is terrible. But watching sexy teenagers get eaten by sharks makes it all worth watching. The plus side is the teenagers are often wearing minimal clothing and there are explosions and stuff…


Now this movie doesn’t exactly take place on Spring Break, but this second installment of the American Pie series reminds us of the excitement of taking a beach vacation with some of your best friends. There are hook ups and beach parties and even a few sticky situations!


Three nerdy middle aged women are sent to spring break to protect their bosses young spring breaking daughter, and end up having the time of their lives. They complete a few spring breaks party essentials including a “walk of shame.”


Four chicks don’t have money for a Spring Break vacation and the only logical thing to do is to rob a restaurant for some fast cash (probably not something they learned in college). Like most criminals, they end up in jail and are bailed out by a drug dealer…however, this favor comes at a cost.


A bunch of sexy spring breakers are ready to hit the water to get out of the hot sun, the only problem is that an underwater tremor has set free schools of prehistoric piranhas. Not the best swimming partners. A group of Spring Breakers must come together to put a stop to the carnage!