5 Fitness and Health Apps to Get Your Body Right for Spring Break

Everyone’s trying to get the perfect Spring Break body, and everyone wants a little help doing it. Look no further than your smartphone for some of the best fitness and health help. Here then is a breakdown of the best apps to help you be the best and healthiest version of yourself!


This Nike created fitness app is like having your very own personal trainer. This app takes you (step by step) through all different types of workouts for different body types. Unlike other apps Nike Training Club lets you play your own custom playlists while using the app during a work out.


My Fitness Pal is that perfect workout buddy. My Fitness Pal doubles as an exercise tracker as well as a food diary. You can track your calories and daily food intake. It even comes with a food barcode scanner that tells you EXACTLY what you are eating!


This is the app for all the hardcore fitness buffs! Men’s Health Workouts takes you step by step through extreme workouts, including: Circuit Training, Cross-fit, and Power lifting. It also has a workout stopwatch for workout times and resting times. Get jacked with Men’s Health Workouts! 


Livestrong is a globally recognized health brand. Their app doesn’t disappoint that brand. This is an all in one style health food app. It includes: Calorie counters, Diet Tracking, Calorie burning Tips and Optimum weight assistance. The perfect fitness app for the spring break body!


Sleep is often neglected when talking about health. However Sleep may be the most important part of a healthy lifestyle. The Sleep Cycle App is the perfect partner in the fight against sleepless nights. Sleep Cycle has amazing and revolutionary features such as: Movement tracking, natural slow place waking, sleep tracking, sleep tips, and the app will even give you full analytical graphs and read outs of your sleep habits!