Spring Break Health Tips

Unless you are one of those freaks that are just naturally jacked or skinny and toned, everyone needs to work at a spring break body. It isn’t easy, but everything great in life never is. The most important thing to remember is to do it for yourself. The attention from the opposite sex is just an added plus! Follow these few tips for an amazing spring break body.

  • SLEEP!

You’d be surprised how many people forget this simple luxury in life. When you are trying to get your body healthy you need to remember that sleep is your friend! Your body does all of its repair and muscle growth while you are sleeping.

Stop making promises of an early night that you know you will end up breaking. Get your self tucked in nice and early, you can make up for the lost party time on Spring Break.

  •  EAT!

And eat a lot! People often think that eating frequently isn’t being healthy, when really it is the opposite. You should be eating every 3 hours, keep your meals small and full of proteins and carbs. These small energy filled meals will keep you going ALL DAY! It doesn’t mean that you should be eating deep fried or greasy foods every 3 hours because that would have you looking like a plump Christmas ham. Just remember to keep it simple, simple grains and protein rich foods. Oh and one more thing, throw your saltshaker away!

Salt will just make you bloat, and bloat isn’t even a nice word, never mind a body type!

  • RUN!

Don’t worry this isn’t the plot of a B-list horror movie. It’s not the suggestion that you should be running every minute of every day. Rather, a body in motion is a happy body. Instead of bussing to school, perhaps jog. Instead of lying on the couch all day watching T.V, take your roommate’s dog for a walk. A chair should be a luxury, not a part of your body. And lying down is reserved for a nice night’s sleep, not for eating a sandwich.

  • PUMP!

Eating healthy is great, but if you want to have that jacked or toned beach body you have to work at it, and do it in the gym! Get to the gym and challenge yourself. Don’t stand around talking to your friends, go there and WORK! There is a reason the word “WORK” is in “WORKING OUT”! Try all different types of workouts. Some popular styles are “cross-fit” “circuit training” and “power lifting”. The only way you’ll know which one is best for you is by trying them all. Be sure to switch up your workouts every couple weeks. The body gets adapted to your workout and wont react the same way over time. Switching up the workouts will create “muscle confusion” and the body will grow and repair much quicker.

The most important part about getting healthy is staying motivated, and there is nothing more motivating than walking onto the beach on Spring Break and feeling totally confident and comfortable in your own skin. After all, you can have a lot more fun in a pool when you’re not wearing your t-shirt in it!