Anyone who watches MTV’s Jersey Shore knows that Jenni, AKA JWoww, is the more reserved, and almost motherly character of the four Guidettes. She doesn’t engage in the extreme drama highs (and lows) her fellow cast mates have become famous for – but we won’t hold that against her. She’s emerged as a pop culture brand name, promoting everything from bikini wear, to suntan lotion, to writing books – proof that this 25 year old has done quite well being the “Mom” figure.

What is your favorite reality show besides Jersey Shore?


Real Road/Road Rules Challenges. These shows have been overshadowed recently…but I grew up loving them. When they get the whole crews together for the challenges, it’s must-see TV.

Does Mike “The Situation” deserve the ‘villain’ rep he has on the show?

Mike is awesome. I think he kind of likes the ‘big brother’ role…so sometimes he gets a bad rap…undeservedly. LOL

Top 5 songs currently on your IPod?

Drake: Headlines

Foster The People: Pumped up Kicks

Jay-Z & Kanye: Paris

Adele: Someone Like You

Rihanna: We found love

Do you have an embarrassing Spring Break Moment?

I had an appearance in Cancun last year. Before we left the hotel I tried on a couple different outfits…mixing and matching different shoes.  To make a long story short; I showed up at the club with 2 DIFFERENT heels on. They we’re similar…but definitely NOT the same! LOL. I Had to send my road manager back to get the match.  Luckily we hadn’t gone on yet.

Word of advice for girls getting ready to go on their first spring break trip?

Live it up and do it big. This is likely to be one of the most memorable weeks of your life. Keep your group intact, buddy up and party responsibly.

Favorite Spring Break Destination: Daytona Beach, Panama City Beach or South Padre Island?

Panama City Beach. Amazing strip. Gotta love all the clubs and bars on the beach. The whole vibe down there is incredible. South Padre Island is a close second.