OMG! Spring Break is 6 Months Away!

For many of you, school may have just started, and so, we don’t blame you if you’re singing the blues right now. But wait!! This just means that Spring Break is closer than it was at the start of summer, right??!

Although school is going to take up much of your time over the next several months, Spring Break 2016 is just a mere six months away! And even though we have to get through Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years before we get to Spring Break, it is worth noting that time does fly by fast!

So, with that being said, you’re free to start thinking about sandy white beaches again, tropical weather, parties, and more parties, because Spring Break never really just goes away. It stays with us long after we’ve left, and invites us to come back before we can post those few final pics on our Facebook and Instagram feeds.