9 Spring Break Facts You May Not Have Known

  1. Between 1.5 and 2 million students go on spring break every year and collectively spend over one billion dollars
  2. The number one U.S. Spring Break destination is Panama City Beach, Florida – followed by South Padre Island, Texas
  3. Panama City Beach attracts nearly half a million young spring breakers each year, while South Padre Island attracts close to 150,000 students
  4. The largest night club in the USA is Club Lavela and is located in Panama City Beach
  5. Panama City Beach has enjoyed wide-spread acclaim for having one of the world’s best beaches, but South Padre Island has the largest daytime beach party on their famous beach formerly branded the Coca-Cola Beach, with over 30,000 spring breakers partying daily.
  6. Corporate brands promoting their products and services on Spring Break stand a very good chance of increasing their brand awareness by 30 percent by the time their campaign is over.
  7. Spring Break injects hundreds of millions of dollars into the local economy and provides local businesses nearly 40 percent of their income for the entire year.
  8. Daytona Beach, Florida is still popular mainly because spring breakers are able to driver their vehicles right on the beach!
  9. Daytona Beach was king of all destinations throughout the 1970s and 1980s before Panama City Beach took over as the Spring Break Capital of the World!