5 Must-Have Apps for Spring Break

This Spring Break, personalize your phone by downloading these five must-have apps. Each one is sure to come in handy at some point – and may end up helping you in more ways than one.



How to Text a Girl:

Before you send a text to that girl you just met while on Spring Break, think twice. Take a peek at what girls really want to hear from you. This App gives the best guidance you could ever ask for, featuring the best, and most reliable text message examples written by experienced girls and guys of all ages.

Near + Now:

Enjoy the freedom of exploring your Spring Break destination without paying some creepy guy to show you around. Avoid getting bad directions from a disgruntled local. This App lists all the cool locations like clubs, bars, restaurants or other great places to see based on your current location. The suggestions get better as you rate things you like.

Tip Master:


You’re probably going to be eating out with your friends quite a bit this Spring Break. This helps you easily determine the right tip based on amount and how you’d rate the service. The built in calculator helps you split the bill as well with all your buddies. Great not just for meals, but for any service properly rendered.

WhatsApp Messenger:

It’s BBM for any mobile device and has become one of the main ways for friends to communicate. Unlike BBM, there’s no “PIN”. Your WhatsApp account works via your phone number and any contacts who have WhatsApp installed will pop up in your Contact list. Send short messages, pictures, audio notes and more. There’s even a useful Group Conversation mode (great for discussing Spring Break plans!).

Spring Break Panama City Beach:

For those heading to Panama City Beach this year, use this app to find out what’s going on around you, how far away the nearest party is, and where you can get the best deals and specials for attractions, restaurants, and shopping.