Why You Should Plan Spring Break Now  

With winter about to bear down hard soon enough, it’s easy to cope with the low temperatures by imagining yourself on the warm shores of a Spring Break paradise.

Fortunately, Spring Break is just over four months away, which means planning for your getaway should start sooner rather than later. For most college students, finding the right trip means not breaking the bank, so starting early is key in order to find the best deals for your budget.

Besides taking on a few more hours at your campus job, start by talking to your friends about what kind of trip they’d want to take. You also all need to have a candid conversation about money, and how much you are willing to spend and not spend.

The trip you plan should try to accommodate as much as possible without going overboard, but be prepared to spend a little more than you’d like for erroneous expenses you might have forgotten about.

Similarly, websites such as maniaccard.com offer student-geared discount and VIP programs which many should take advantage of. After all, you are going on Spring Break to have fun, aren’t you?

Panama City Beach, South Padre Island, and Daytona Beach are still highly regarded as the most popular Spring Break destinations and are often booked quickly, so the earlier you start the better!