Spring Break Smart Guide

Tips for a Smart & Safe Spring Break

When one thinks of Spring Break, a spontaneous urge to want to leap and scream in anticipated excitement is generally the common reaction. One’s senses can’t help but become overwhelmed by thoughts of the beach, partying with friends, and absolutely having the best week ever. After all, Spring Break is a break from classes, jobs, and stress – but it isn’t a break from common sense!

The following are some tips to stay safe in order to ensure you come home still feeling like it was the best week of your life:

  • The Buddy System

Hang out in groups and ALWAYS use the buddy system. Never allow a friend to leave a party alone. Always travel with a buddy in a taxi, bus, or any type of public transportation. If you lose your buddy, please ask for assistance from a proper authority to escort you home.

  • Hotel Tips

Check your hotel room and report any damage immediately. Do not hang out on the balconies of the hotel after a night (or day) of partying. Secure any valuables in a hotel safety deposit box. Do not damage any hotel property, including your room. Make sure your hotel door AND balcony door are locked AT ALL TIMES, whether you are in the room or not. Do NOT remove your hotel wristband as they are used by security for guest identification and hotel access purposes.

  • Contact Information

Carry your hotel information with you at all times (phone #, address, etc.)
(If you get lost or disoriented, this information will help get you to your hotel.) Carry your cell phone and input your emergency phone numbers (ICE – In Case of Emergency).

  • Transportation

Check with the hotel front desk for guidance on the cheapest, easiest, and most reliable form of transportation. Use only licensed taxis and limos, and negotiate the fare before entering the taxi. Always travel with a buddy.

  • Drink Responsibly

Drink responsibly if and when you choose to drink. Know your limits. Note the time and amount of drinks per hour you are consuming (ie: three drinks over the span of two hours is not the same as three drinks in one hour). Do NOT accept drinks from strangers. Do not carry open containers of alcohol in the street.

  • Drink Water!

Staying hydrated with plenty of water can keep you from getting sick, losing your voice, and preventing sun stroke. Get a case of water to match that case of…whatever else it is you’ll be consuming.

  • Wear Sunscreen

Coming back home tanned is great, but coming back home cancer free is #winning! Listen to your Mother and use the lotion. Re-apply every three hours or so because, yes, the sun is intense when you’re at the beach.

  • Water and Beach Safety

Do NOT swim in the Gulf/Ocean at night. Remember, you’ll be swimming at your own risk if a lifeguard isn’t on duty, so make sure you are following any flags or posted markers on the beach that are used to warn you about dangerous tides, harsh water conditions, or any other warning the beach patrol feels is necessary.

  • Have FUN!

Remember to have fun! This is your much needed vacation and it should be stress free.