SPRING BREAK ESSENTIALS – What you need to have for Spring Break 2012

If you really want to enjoy your Spring Break, you’ll need to know a few things about life on the beach, the sun, the gulf, alcohol, and where’s the best party going to be at each night. The following are the basic essentials to living the life of a spring breaker:

1. Sunscreen – You can’t have too much of it, especially when you’re in, on, or near the water. “Authorities” recommend at least an SPF 15. If you do get burned, take aspirin or ibuprofen.

2. Water – You’re going to be in the sun. You’re going to drink too much booze. You’re going to dance a lot. In other words, you’re going to dehydrate. So drink water, and drink plenty of it.

3. Real I.D. – No Fake I.Ds. Bar and club doormen are very good at spotting what’s real and what’s fake. Even the slightest suspicion will provoke them to get out their book and check. The bottom line is to remember to bring your real I.D when going out to the clubs.

4. Condoms – That’s all we have to say about that.

5. Panamaniac or Gold Card – Get the card. It’s going to save you money and if you use it properly (ie: follow the party schedule) it can save you a lot of money.