Spring Break 2016: We’re Getting Ready!

It may still be over six months away, but Spring Break 2016 is clearly on our mind!

Spring Break 2015 is all but a memory now, but plans for 2016 have already begun! Marketing and promotions teams are already meeting up to discuss concert and event ideas, promotional incentives, and a variety of other improvements.

Spring Break is the largest student event of the year, with an average student base of 1.5 million traveling to various destinations, including Panama City Beach, Florida, Daytona Beach, Florida, South Padre Island, Texas, and Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

It may just be August, but students are already beginning their Spring Break 2016 plans now that the new school year is upon us and we want you to know that we’re planning too!

More high profile live concerts are what can be expected, along with added fun events for both day and night.

Planning for an event as massive as Spring Break doesn’t just occur over night, and that’s why the planning has already begun.

For continuous updates and interactive discussion on what’s happening and what’s in the pipeline for #SpringBreak2016, keep it here at springbreakguide.com!