Going Greek

This spring, a vast number of college students will be faced with a decision of whether or not to become a Potential New Member (PNM) of a sorority or fraternity house – or go Greek, as it is commonly referred as.

It’s been said by many that once you become involved in a Greek organization, you come to realize it’s more about the relationships you develop and the opportunities that come your way.

That being said, how does one know if the Greek life is the right way to go? Before rushing into the decision, consider the following:

Organizations are eager to recruit new students each semester. Think of these recruiters as salespeople. The first club to approach you may not necessarily be right for you, so be patient and selective. Ask questions and learn about the different Fraternity/Sorority houses before making your decision.

Money may or may not be your deciding factor for joining an organization, but is definitely something you should at least consider. Not all organizations are free. Some have a one-time fee, while others collect dues every semester. There can also be a very costly initiation fee, not to mention the social outings can add up.

Are you interested in community service? Statistics reflect that sororities and fraternities continue to be active in raising money for many reputable organizations. Your grades are also taken into consideration, as the National Panhellenic Conference holds a reasonable GPA requirement that all Greek organizations must meet.

Ultimately you want to be yourself throughout the process. Share your interests and explain what you are looking for in an organization. Don’t commit on the spot and don’t feel pressured into making your decision. This is about you and the role you will take moving forward in your college career. Good luck!