Get Shredded in Time for Spring Break With These Tips!

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NOBODY wants to spend Spring Break feeling super self conscious about how your body looks.

With a few solid months of sweat-investment leading up to spring break, you can have a head-turning body that you won’t want to cover up.

Since a major part of any successful Spring Break is hooking up, trust us; you’ll end up agreeing that it was time well spent.

So put that mega-stuff Oreo down, and let’s find out how do this thing…



1. Model Your Bathing Suit in the Mirror

Easily the most motivating way to get in shape.

You’re going to be your own biggest critic, so you know what you need to focus on.

Then, whenever you are working out, and sandbagging and talking yourself into quitting, think back to how you look for an extra boost.

Works every time πŸ™‚


2. Burn More Calories Than You Consume

Simple in theory, waaaay harder in real life.

We know, that pizza looks delicious. Yes, your room mate is a jerk, and came back with glazed donuts…

You’re gonna be tempted and bombarded with all kinds of encouragement to eat junk food.

Just know that whatever you eat, you’re gonna have to pay for it later on in the gym – and it’s CRAZY how much harder it is to burn that 100 calories than it is to consume it! πŸ™


3. Become an Instagram Stalker

Instagram is a great resource to find LOTS of motivational accounts to follow.

From simple memes with messages like “You Can Do It” blah. To more serious accounts that showcase the best physiques.

Sure, you’re not gonna look like you’re a bodybuilder or bikini model, but aim for the stars and all that πŸ™‚

Just do some simple searches for #fitness / #physique / #workout type stuff – you’ll find them…


BONUS: What You DONT Wanna Do

>> Don’t starve yourself. We don’t have medical degrees, nor are we nutrition experts – but that’s not healthy.

>> There’s no miracle pill. Unfortunately there is NO substitute for a healthy diet and regular exercise.

>> Don’t satisfy your short-term desires and sacrifice your long term goals. Is that slice of pizza gonna make you feel as good as hooking up with the hottest guy/girl at the beach? That would have to be some seriously good pizza…

Actually, if you find that pizza, let us know, we want a slice! πŸ™‚