EXCLUSIVE: Our Interview With the Cast of the Upcoming Film Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers – a new film from Harmony Korine – follows four girls hungry for adventure, who find themselves on a Spring Break trip they’ll never forget!


Brit, Candy, Cotty, and Faith are four college girls who will stop at nothing to fund their Spring Break getaway. A chance encounter with rapper “Alien” promises to provide the girls with all the thrills and excitement they could hope for, and leads them on a Spring Break they never could have imagined.



Spring Break Guide’s INTERVIEWS with the Director & Cast:


HARMONY KORINE (Director/Writer)

Who was cast first?

It was James Franco first, and then the girls. James and I talked about making a movie together for quite a while. Usually I write my scripts first and people read it afterwards, but for this one I just wrote a treatment during Christmas and sent it to James Franco asking him whether he wanted to play this character. He wrote back immediately and said ‘yes’. And that was it. I was excited about that idea and the character, so I flew to Florida—Spring Break was actually taking place at that time—and wrote the script in a hotel, while a bunch of kids were vomiting on my porch.



In the movie, didn’t you have to perform as a rapper in front of a huge Spring Break crowd?

I mean I’m not a rapper! (Laughs) I have never really done anything like that before, certainly not in front of that many people in an MTV style rap show. But I guess I am at the point where I feel like I know when I am on a movie where I am supported. I know Harmony is going to capture that in the best way. And yes, I was up there rapping in front of people and I had an audience, but even if I’m not 50 Cent, Harmony is going to put it together in such a way that I will look as good as possible.



What was your perception of Spring Break and real Spring Breakers before connecting with Harmony’s ideas?

It was everything that I expected. I had a picture of what Spring Break was in my mind and you see it in videos and how they are completely crazy, and then you are actually in it and you witness it and it is intense. I definitely expected it, there were a few things that Harmony did that were wild, beautiful and fun and I didn’t know could be done, but I kind of expected it to be that crazy.



How did you prepare for the role in Spring Breakers?

It starts, honestly, just from reading the script. One of the first things we did was to get close to the girls right away, because we wanted to build an amazing bond and relationship, have a feel that we had known each other for years. And then go further past that of course and study girls who are just hard and rough and tough and who are in this other crazy world. It really is a completely different world, their headspaces are so different. They’re just living in the moment.



What was it like to experience real Spring Break on set? Apparently you shot a lot of scenes with real people…

We just filmed this huge scene and it was crazy. You know, when you’re in the moment and you’re in the scene, it’s like whatever, go for it, because that’s what really happens. Afterwards I thought, “Wow oh my God, this is insane!” But I asked the extras, “So what are you guys doing?” And they said, “Oh, we go to college, but we want to be in a movie and it’s Spring Break so why not?” (Laughs) And they were all on Spring Break and they were just doing everything they would do if they weren’t in the movie so it was literally being put into some random party and then Harmony bringing out the camera. It was pretty insane.




What was your perception of real Spring Breakers and how do you relate your impression of that very specific and accentuated American culture to Harmony’s idea?

Definitely the girls and the interaction between the cast seems pretty true to a group of friends that would go on Spring Break. Girls that are just really thirsty for that debauchery and the attention. It makes sense in that world. And then meeting someone like the “Alien” character, that’s sort of when the fantasy starts to happen.

Don’t miss this “wild ride” of a movie, featuring a hot original score by Cliff Martinez and Skrillex and a cast including rap star Gucci Mane. SpringBreakers opens nationwide in Spring 2013.