All You Back-to-Schoolers, Don’t Fret, Spring Break is a Mere Six Months Away!

School is back in session, and while most are still wondering where the summer went, we’re taking this opportunity to celebrate!

Spring Break 2014 is just six months away and hotels and condos at major destinations including Panama City Beach, South Padre Island, Daytona Beach and Myrtle Beach are already preparing for what promises to be yet another massive season. In fact, hotels are offering early bird rates to those who book now as opposed to later in the year when the real rush starts to happen and prices begin to go up.

Believe it or not, once September rolls around, students start thinking of Spring Break. It’s like an automatic switch that just goes off the moment students get back together on campus. All the socializing, partying, having fun – it all leads to one thing: Spring Break and “what’s the plan for this coming year.”

Typically, the majority of Spring Breakers begin making plans shortly after the Thanksgiving break. Booking inquiries intensify immediately after Christmas, and interest continues to grow leading all the way into March. But for those who want to buck the trend and save some big money, now is the time!

This should come as great news for students who are looking for bargain prices but don’t want to compromise on their location on the beach or their actual rooming accommodations. Stay at a great place and pay a great rate! It’s that simple.

For more information on hotel bookings and to learn more about the early bird rates for Spring Break 2014, please visit our website at and visit the Destinations page.