2012 Spring Break – Make it a Reality!

For over 75 years, the college Spring Break getaway has been an American tradition. In 1936, Fort Lauderdale, Florida became the first spring break sun and fun go-to destination, and remained as such for 50 years!

When MTV decided to break the mold and film their first spring break special from Daytona Beach in 1986, a new hot spot was established, and up to 200,000 students began to flock to the Daytona scene year after year. The images broadcasted on MTV only reinforced spring break’s reputation for partying excess.

Today, spring break has migrated to several destinations across the United States and even south of the border. But Florida still stands out as the number one place to travel to – specifically Panama City Beach, which has become widely regarded as the spring break capital of the world. Hosting more than half a million students each year, this world famous beach destination has been the king of spring break for over 15 years now.

Over the course of a decade, South Padre Island, Texas has offered students an affordable alternative to Florida spring breaking. Close to 150,000 students now hit the lone star state location each year, making it the second most populated spring break destination.

So, Where Should You Go?

For 20 years now, the Coca-Cola Spring Break Guide has provided students the information and know-how for the college spring breaker. We’ve presented affordable travel options – always keeping your monetary budget in mind.

We’ve encouraged making the most out of your spring break, featuring a variety of activities, points of interest, party hot spots, travel tips and a whole lot more. There’s so much to do out there, and we want to help you find it and enjoy it. That’s our mission.

So go on in and use this Guide. Make your spring break dream a reality!


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