10 Things You Shouldn’t Say on a Spring Break Date

The word “Date” might not be the most appropriate way to describe a budding spring break relationship, but there are plenty of romantics out there who think otherwise.

What you say on a date is more important than what you wear, how you do your hair, or what you smell like. Keep these lines from ruining your perfect date:

“Hey, my ex has that exact same Spring Break t-shirt!”


“I hope you’re okay with meeting my parents after. They’re at my hotel…”


“You look way different than the photos you have on your Facebook page.”


“I don’t have any kids; but who can be sure with all these hook-ups?”


“The last time I was on Spring Break, George W. Bush was just beginning his Presidential term… oops, did I just give away my age there?”


“Gosh, you know, you remind me of my Mom when you do that.”


“Are you ready to get matching tattoos yet?”


“Just so you know, I’m on the pill. I’m not making that mistake again.”


“I think you hooked up with my roommate a couple nights ago.”


“I’m just going to say it: I. Love. You.”