5 Tips to Being Cool on Spring Break

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    Dress to Impress

Learn the new styles and wear that style with pride. That means ditch the old, baggy shirts and dirty jeans. When you go out clubbing, be the one who everyone’s looking at.

  1. Use the Sunscreen!

Every year there’s always those people that think they are invulnerable to the hot Florida sun. Well guess what? Those people get burned! Unless you want to walk around looking like an uncool lobster in pain, we suggest you apply the lotion.

  1. Know At Least Some Beach Activities

If you’re asked to play volleyball with a bunch of hot chicks, you’d better know how to play the game. Same goes for knowing how to throw a frisbee and a football. If you don’t know how, start practicing – or suffer the uncool consequences.

  1. Don’t be a Complete Lush

Being an obnoxious drunk all day long is not cool. Your friends will tire of it and others will simply shake their heads at you. Being a sloppy mess isn’t attractive. Having fun and showing others you know your limits is.

  1. Have A Sense Of Humor

There’s nothing like making people laugh to make a good impression. Everyone loves the funny one. But don’t over-do it. Know when to pull the plug and never let your jokes be overly offensive towards someone. That’s never cool.